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The term, intelligent or smart textiles, means the incorporation of (micro-) electronics and microsystem technology into textile materials. Smart textiles therefore represent the clothing of the future, clothing which actively supports the wearer in a wide range of activities and takes on certain functions far beyond the capabilities of conventional clothing.

In devising and patenting our heated underwear we have created not just a really useful item of clothing, but also the world’s first textile electric system incorporated into an item of clothing. This was made possible only by using state of the art micro computer engineering which serves to stabilize the electric system, which is per se flexible. The semitransparent housing of the mini-power control unit gives a glimpse of the components housed in this small device, apart from its battery.

We commissioned an independent research institute to test our heated underwear - with excellent results - to make it easier for our customers to use the new material and to demonstrate that our heated underwear is a fully developed product.


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