Functionality and technical principles

warmX-undershirt frontside
warmX-undershirt frontside

How does warmX work?

To explain the functionality we shall cite the warmX-undershirt as an example. The functionality is analogically effective for all warmX-products.

Around the waist a silver plated thread of polyamide (not a wire!) was knitted into the fabric which is then able to conduct a current. The Mini-Power-Controller is located in a small waist pocket at the front right-hand side. It is connected to the conductive fabric through two snap fasteners.

At the height of the kidneys there are two meandering heating zones, one at the right side and one at the left side. These heating zones are connected to the conductive fabric.




warmX-undershirt backside
warmX-undershirt backside

The Mini-Power-Controller and the heating zones are forming an electric circuit around the waist. The conductive fabric is made exclusively from silver plated polyamide so that the resistance is very small and the current can flow without any obstructions. However in the heating zones the polyamide thread has not been knitted into every course. Thus the resistance is higher and therefore heat is produced in these zones.
To avoid a short circuit, for example, from putting layers of the conductive fabric on top of each other a complex control unit is necessary. For this the Mini-Power-Controller was designed which is a microprocessor control which forms the heart of the warmX-undershirt. The control unit guards the resistance in the circuit and ensures that anyone wearing the shirt is safe.


Why warmX?

For the first time it is possible to have a knitted fabric produce heat itself without any additional tools like heating wires or other devices. The clothing is very thin and is not bulky. The highest effect is achieved through direct skin contact with the source of the heat. Therefore, the heatable clothing has been designed as underwear which is preferably close-fitting. This has also been taken into account in the design of the different sizes of all models.
The heating effect can be enhanced with further layers of insulating outerwear. The heat is kept close to the body and it can circulate well under the outerwear.
The heatable underwear by warmX is an excellent companion for all activities which are undertaken in cool surroundings no matter whether that is for leisure or during working hours. Not only does it enhance your comfort but also helps to prevent illnesses which benefit from being cold.
At least the coherence between cold feet and infections of the throat is medically proven.



Facts & Figures


• microprocessor controller
• high quality LI-ION cells without memory effect
• short circuit protection
• rapid shut down - when a certain temperature is exceeded (measured with a temperature sensor)
• 3 heating modes (2, 4.5 and 7 Watt)
• operating time: Mode 1: approx. 6 hours; Mode 2: approx. 4.5 hours; Mode 3: approx. 2.5 hours
• controlled charging (3 hours)
• continuous heating, even when the battery voltage is getting lower
• capacity of rechargable battery: 2600 mAh
• durability of the rechargeable battery: after 500 recharge cycles 80% of maximum capacity guaranteed



Attention! All materials are machine washable at 30°C wool program with wool detergent. Higher temperatures, heavy-duty detergent or bleeching will make the heating functionality unusable.

100% Polycolon Microfibre

• fibre made of polypropylene
• does not absorb any moisture
• leads moisture to the outer layer of the knitted fabric
• forms a dry grid between the skin and the outer layer of the knitted fabric
• Polycolon is 41% lighter than cotton
• it has a comforting, soft and warm grip
• it has a high breaking strength and elasticity and therefore is extremely sturdy
• low heat conductance -> high level of heat retention without any heat accumulation
• therefore Polycolon is suited for sportswear as well as health wear
• Polycolon has a high crease proofing
• it is resistant against most acids and bases
• Polycolon is soil-resisting and fast drying
• machine washable at 30°C


100% Superfine Merino Wool

• wool is a natural fibre
• superfine Merino Wool is a term given to merino wool fibres which are under 17 micron thickness
• it is itch-free
• wool absorbs moisture up to 40% of its own weight without losing any of its insulating capacity
• crease-proof
• machine washable at 30°C


50% Cotton/50% Acrylic

• if an allergy to wool exists this is a perfect alternative
• very comfortable to wear
• easy to take care of due to the mixture with acrylic
• machine washable at 30°C


Cotton / PA / Spandex

• Cotton is a pure natural fibre
• Extremely sturdy
• Eudemic
• Breathable
• Machine washable with 30°C



• Input: 100-240 volt, 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12 volt, 1250 mAmpere

• deliverable with adapter plug for North America, South America, Great Britain or Europa


Extension cable

The waist pocket of the Mini-Power-Controller is placed optimal for most activities. In some unusual cases the placement of the pocket might be found disturbing. To find a remedy we offer an extension cable which is about 45 cm long. It may be put between Mini-Power-Controller and the warmX – underwear with snap fasteners. With this the Mini-Power-Controller can be worn inside the trouser pocket or elsewhere.


12V charging cable

With the 12V charging cable the Mini-Power-Controller may be charged comfortably at any 12V system, e.g. the cigarette lighter inside your car.