warmX - tights

Designed by Michele Stinco


• for women (sizes S-XL) and men (sizes S-XL)

• 49% Cotton / 9% Spandex / 40% PA / 2% pure Silver


• black


• microprocessor controller
• high quality LI-ION cells without memory effect
• short circuit protection
• 3 heating modes (2, 4.5 and 7 watt)
• operating time up to 6 hours

Our products are TITV-tested!

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WarmX finally prevents your feet from getting cold!

With our new, patented warmX-tights we present the world’s first heatable flat-knitted tights and by doing so setting new standards in the wide field of Smart Textiles.
Warming zones have been placed at the feet and provide comforting temperatures – completely wireless and directly upon the skin. The Mini-Power-Controller is situated in a small pocket in the upper left side front of the tights. If that positioning should be found disturbing, the extension can be used. Thus the power controller can be worn comfortably in the trouser pocket.
As feet cool down most rapidly the warming zones were placed just in these areas. WarmX-tights gain efficiency in comparison to other heating products from the fact that it heats the upside of the feet. The sole of a foot consists of about 2-4mm horny skin, so warmth cannot get into the foot very well. Furthermore there are a lot more coldness sensors inside the skin on the upside of the foot than on the sole. Thus a heat source on the upside will be felt much more intensive.
Nearly 50% of the tights consist of pure silver plated thread. Around the feet it is even more than 50%. The silver avoids bacterial increase and precludes off odours – especially at the feet.
The spandex as well as the adjustable elastic waistband provides a perfect fit. The tights are knitted in one piece and thus they are completely seamless.



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• Input: 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12 Volt, 1250 mAmperee 



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