warmX - warmers

• for women (sizes S-XL) and men (sizes S-XL)

• 49% Cotton / 9% Spandex / 40% PA / 2% pure Silver


• black


• microprocessor controller
• high quality LI-ION cells without memory effect
• short circuit protection
• 3 heating modes (2, 4.5 and 7 watt)
• operating time up to 6 hours

Our products are TITV-tested!

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Chilled knees are quite a back number!

Did you ever have legs chilled to the marrow after a lengthy night in a raised hide? That’s a quite nasty feeling! And warming up cold knees can take very long. A wrong movement may lead under these conditions to injuries in the knee area. Strains in the thigh are not uncommon as well. Usually such injuries occur while doing any sports activities in a cold environment, e.g. jogging in winter.
To help you avoiding this kind of injuries we developed the warmX – warmers. These are special warmers with actively heated warming zones in the knee/thigh area. With that they provide cosy warmth close to the skin without any heating wires.
The Mini-Power-Controller is situated in a small pocket in the upper left side front of the warmers. If that positioning should be found disturbing, the extension can be used. Thus the power controller can be worn comfortably in the trouser pocket.
The spandex as well as the adjustable elastic waistband provides a perfect fit. The warmers are knitted in one piece and thus they are completely seamless.



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• Input: 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12 Volt, 1250 mAmpere 



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